The War for Civilization

The great "War for Civilization" has always been fought between those trying to solve problems vs those trying to profit from the symptoms. A conflict which has always been manipulated by politicians who only want to be recognized as having power. (With "profit" coming in many more forms than just money. Like "attention", for example.)


When confronted with an inhospitable situation, an individual has five options available to them: ...

The Dodo Birds

"Do we need to get closer for good readings?" "No, this should be good enough." "According to the charts, the called this planet Earth. The stories say it was very beautiful." "Yes. Unfortunately, it is just a rock now." "Picking up anything interesting?" "No life, as we had assumed. We are getting an idea of …

A Psychology Opinion

Teen suicide rate is up because our society is too obsessed with image and does not allow teens to be teens. Online bullying does not affect people whose self-esteem is grounded in their own reality. We went from a society that was too hard on women, to a society that is too hard on everyone.