The Dodo Birds

“Do we need to get closer for good readings?”

“No, this should be good enough.”

“According to the charts, the called this planet Earth. The stories say it was very beautiful.”

“Yes. Unfortunately, it is just a rock now.”

“Picking up anything interesting?”

“No life, as we had assumed. We are getting an idea of their technology… there are some hard drives still intact.”

“How long?”

“Not too long… Preliminary results show reports of a project to dim their star.”

“They called it The Sun.”

“That is right. Apparently, from initial interpretations, they wanted to prevent sunburns without having to cover their skin.”

“Damn! Another one gone because science and technology grow faster than maturity.”

“It is evolution. Statistically, only one in ten thousands planets will survive their first five hundred years of advanced technology.”

“Yeah, I know… but it still sucks.”