Economic and Evolution Theory Poker

There is a certain dynamic to learning how to play poker; beginners focus on the rules, intermediates focus on the cards, experts focus on the other players, and professionals focus on it all. As the knowledge the players have of the game grows, the very nature of the game changes. Which is also true with economics and evolution.

As more people in an economy learn about economics, the nature of the economy changes… causing economics and economic theory to evolve. And, as more people in an environment learn about evolution, the very nature of the environment changes… causing evolution and evolution theory to evolve. Thus, the next step in our evolution and the next step in our understanding of evolution are exactly the same thing.

Or, in the big picture, everything in the universe evolves… including the process by which we evolve. The process was simple and perfectly random when life began, but with every step of life’s evolution, and especially with every step of our awareness of evolution, the process has become more complex and less random. (Which is exactly why all economies evolve towards tyranny.)