The Next Step in Human Evolution

The next step in human evolution is of consciousness, or awareness of our thought process.

Currently, from my perspective, there are generally three separate groups…

The first and largest group has the least amount of awareness. These people can only think about how their thoughts caused their actions after it all happens. Even then, their grasp of the chain of events, that start in our imagination and end in the physical world, is limited.

The second group has awareness of their thoughts in real time, but they do not have the skills or the will to manage them. This causes an internal conflict that leads to insecurity, and is most often displayed in varying degrees of social awkwardness to dysfunction.

The third group is aware of the thoughts going through their mind, are aware of the process of thoughts growing into action, and have the ability to manage and direct them through a chosen meditative practice. (Including story telling and other forms of “non-formal” meditation.) The result is that they have the ability to play a larger role in their own lives, which, in turn, has a larger impact on the lives of the people around them.

Often, regardless of the intentions of people in the third group, members of the first group will react defensively to the sense of intrusion by trying to disrupt the meditations and thought processes of the third group. This, in turn, by the processes of evolution and selection, will pressure members of the third group to know themselves as more than their physical self.