News from the not too distant future.

Yesterday a person was mugged while sitting in their car. The victim explained the situation: “I was sitting in my car texting while on my way to a meeting when a masked man casually walked out into the street in front of my car. Naturally, the car came to a stop. The man then placed a cardboard box in the road, walked around to the back of my car and put another cardboard box down. As a result my car would not move. The masked man then came to my window and told me to roll it down. I was scared and said that I wouldn’t. He then pulled out a crowbar and smashed the window. I gave him my wallet and electronics and he calmly walked away. After he left I got out to move the boxes so my car could proceed, but it would not drive with a broken window so I had to sit there until the police came. In that time others came along and I had to give up my coat and shoes.”