Taking Responsibility

Ants have an industrial structure, but not a social structure.

Gorillas have a social structure, but not an industrial structure.

Humans are the only creature on Earth to have both.

The world’s religions were formed during civilization’s agrarian period. Since industrialization, we have drifted further and further out of balance.

Religion is a complex formula of rites, rituals, mores and norms designed to build and maintain a complex community.

God, whether real or imagined, is a variable that represents unlimited human potential.

From the perspective of an evolutionist, God is our hoped for future self (a self we cannot understand), and the Devil is our reactive animal past.

At any given moment we have the opportunity to choose towards our future, or slowly drift back towards our past.

Every choice has value in this formula: nothing is too small or insignificant.

For the survival of the species the structure of the formula must adapt to the situation and conditions of the environment.

The Divine Duality is that we are all both free-willed individuals who are an inextricable part of a greater whole.

We each have our own balance point, which will change over our lifetime.

A healthy society teaches it’s citizens to work to find and maintain their own balance point.

Tyranny imposes one on it’s subjects.

Anarchy doesn’t do anything, and growing chaos slowly drifting towards the past is the result.