The Big Con and Evolution

How the Big Con works is that it makes people emotionally open to the designed alternative.

The people who are most vulnerable to being conned are the people who think they are too smart to be conned.

“Con” is short for “Confidence.” A Con-artist is someone who knows how to manipulate a person’s confidence.

Confidence is an emotional condition, not a logical one. This is why modern TV commercials focus on emotional desire and not logical need.

In the past, advertising aimed to inform; appealing to people’s logical need. Today, advertising aims to Con; manipulating emotional desire.

Over the same period of time, the same transition that advertising went through, logical to emotional, was also applied to news and political rhetoric.

The people most taken by the con of “3 Card Monte”, are men trying to impress someone; a group of friends or a girlfriend.

A person who does not care about their public image, is impervious to the mechanizations of the Con-Artist.

A community that lives by a system of rituals and behavioral norms (not laws) designed to build and maintain that community in balance with it’s environment, regardless of public image, is also impervious to Con-Artists and Con-institutions.

The systems of that community need to adapt to the changing nature of The Big Con. As Con-artists and Con-institutions are a persistent part of all environments.