There Will Always Be War

During times of Famine we will fight over resources, and during times of Feast we will fight because our emotional need to feel right is greater than our physical need to be right.

(Only experience can bring the two into alignment.)

Thus, by historical standard, the country whose weapons are furthest away from home when the war begins is always at fault.

The first step for any psychopath is to dehumanize their victim. (“It puts the lotion on it’s skin.”)

For one nation to start a war, they must first dehumanize the other side. The Nazis dehumanized the world by declaring themselves the master, Aryan race.

Tyranny fights against propaganda and misinformation with propaganda, misinformation, and abuse.

Freedom fights against propaganda and misinformation with transparency, humility, and patience.

All surviving soldiers remember the moment of revelation: the people they had been shooting at were never any different than them.

“Remember what the dormouse said.”