Personalizing Propaganda

The Holy Grail of propaganda is to get people to start changing their memories and the explanations of their own experiences to match the story-line of the propaganda – To personalize the propaganda.

If the propaganda is that Cubs fans are thieves, then personalizing that story is when people think back to the time they lost a ten dollar bill and convince themselves that a Cubs fan stole it. It spreads like a stain in the memory and the context of a culture to where every time something goes missing or is stolen, they accuse a Cubs fan for it. And, if they pay too much for something at the store, they will accuse the owner of being a Cubs fan, or ‘in league’ with Cubs fans.

So, now that we have overt propaganda about Russians hacking computers flooding our new media, people will eventual personalize it by blaming Russia for every everything and anything that has and will go wrong with their computers and phones. The people who have the most to gain from this situation is the NSA, CIA, and FBI. If everyone is blaming the Russians for computer problems, then they can do whatever they want to our computers. And, if you have not been paying attention to the news, then you do not know that those agencies have been busting a nut trying to get unfettered access to Americans computers the legal way, buy with no luck.

Only you can prevent hysteria. Don’t personalize propaganda.