Prophetic Dreams, Politics, and Human Consciousness

(It’s alright. I am just playing around. Lean back, relax, and enjoy the ride. Take comfort in the fact that if “I” am predicting it… it will not happen.)

A year or two ago I had a dream where a small planet came out of nowhere and crashed into the Earth. Prior to the event everyone was going crazy. The military had secure bunkers ready for themselves and their friends, and many people were hopelessly fighting to get in. For some crazy reason I was invited inside the military bunkers, but I turned them down because I roll like that. The rest of the people in the world ran away from the place of impact, even though they knew it would not increase their chances of survival. I chose to get closer and see it happen. I figured that if I was going to die, I might as well get a good show out of the deal. It turned out that I was not the only one; there were a few stragglers ambling about and peacefully waiting for the moment.

The planet came into sight, and it was one of those things that blew you away. I was looking far into the distance for a little pinprick of light to be the first sighting, but, as the Earth turned, the first sighting was of this huge thing filling up most of the sky. It was just hard to discern because the colors were not sharp or distinctive. The horizon, planet, and our sky all sort of blended together. It was moving much slower than I expected too. Then came the moment of impact when the whole world was supposed to explode. It did not. The Earth shook a little bit, but that was all. I ran up a hill towards the collision to get a better view. I saw the two planets coming together and it was a very non-climactic event. The other planet was very soft and crumbled like sharp cheddar cheese where the two planets touched. After a few moments of watching, it was clear that no damage would occur outside of the point of impact and the other planet was just going to bounce off and be on its way. No big deal after all.

It is on this dream that I frame my view of the immediate future. The Electoral College will balk and not endorse Donald Trump for President. But, neither will they pick Hillary Clinton. The issue will then be sent to Congress to deal with… and we all know how well they are at getting things done. Eventually, after much dithering, Congress and/or the Pentagon will punt the issue by declaring the best thing to do is to have another presidential election. However, doing it right will take time to set up, so the election will be held in two years. In the interim, The Department of Homeland Security will be placed in charge. A year later something will happen to make the powers-that-be decide to postpone the election another two years. Then, when everyone is over the fear and concern of living through a “soft coup,” it will be quietly announced that there will not be another presidential election at all.

If this sounds fantastic, rest assured that it is not; it already happened in Thailand. The interesting part to me, if there is even a slice of truth in any of this, is what it would show about human consciousness. Truthfully, I don’t really care about Presidential politics. Presidential politics has been a boil on the ass of America for several decades now. The President has become little more than a well-spoken, pretty faced spokesman for the Pentagon, oil industry, and banks. As for the human consciousness part however, look on the internet and see all the people who are so certain that Planet X, or Nibiru, is going to come smashing into Earth, and that there is this huge conspiracy by the government to hide this from the public. What if it was the intuition of these people that was building a dreamlike metaphor of the truth and not the actual truth? What if they have been intuitively honing in on the secret intentions of a powerful group of people hell bent on changing the structure of our society and their untrained minds only saw it as a hidden planet? (The planet being a metaphor for a government or nation. Just like a house in our dreams could represent the condition and structure of our family.)

Yes, indeed. Crazy as a loon. But, it is my story and I will tell it the way I want to.

Have a pleasant December 19th.

Picture: “Planets Collide” by Thorn Erose