As The Waters Rise

Love is more powerful than reason.
So is anger, hatred, sadness and fear.
In fact, all emotions can reach a level of intensity
where they can twist and distort, then turn-off reason.
There are no exceptions to this.

The mistake that people make is to think
that reason is the opposite of emotion;
or that reason is the absence of emotion.
Our insistence at maintaining this perspective
is what manifests the social and political chaos of our time.

The mind of a Sage is empty because he has learned
to allow desire, or emotional energy, to pass right through;
not because he has learned to suppress, or wall it off.

It is our desire, in its many forms, that sifts through our memories,
most recent first, looking for blocks to build with
in a process we call imagination.
From there, we evolved the ability to structure to our imagination
with rules and routines, like forcing electricity, our emotional energy,
through the switches and circuits of a computer.
This is what we call logic and reason.

Some people are more disciplined with their computers than others,
but all computers have the same energy restrictions.
If there is not enough energy flowing, we become depressed.
It there is too much, we become irrational.
It does not matter how smart a person is measured to be,
Our reasoning begins to twist and distort, and then turn-off,
at exactly the same points, as the energy increases.
The sticky truth is that we are all inextricably connected.

No person’s emotional energy is completely independent.
It all flows together like water in a river.
Thus, if we see others acting irrationally,
then our own reasoning has been corrupted as well.
It is impossible for half the world to sink into irrational chaos,
while the other half remains reasonable and civilized.
The only real difference between the two perspectives
is what form our irrational behavior manifests.

The thing we all have in common when we become irrational
is that we all want to be in control.
Some will seek control through physical violence,
others will use emotional abuse.
People will wall themselves off out in one wilderness or another;
pretending to be right with libraries of documents and data,
telling lie after lie and refusing to listen to anyone,
or simply burying their heads deep in the sand.
All are irrational ways that we try to be in control.
Moreover, in our interactive emotional ecosystem,
we all develop symbiotic patterns where, for example,
some will use the lies of others to assert their own control.

A Sage, while sitting in the lotus position, deep in meditation,
will also work to maintain control, putting in more and more effort
to allow the flood of water to pass right through.

And, if he is truly wise,
he will wait for the waters to subside before trying to use logic or reason.