We Are The River

Emotional energy flows like water.
Our individual lives are the path of a single drop,
while our families are just a trickle.
Our neighborhoods are creeks,
our communities are streams,
this nation is a mighty river, and
the world is an ocean with
many different currents,
warm tidal pools and cold dark depths.

Terror attacks, mass shootings, bullying and abuse
are intended to increase the energy of our river’s flow.
After an explosion the banks are overcome and
the water becomes murky and foaming with raging rapids.

Politics, propaganda, lies and misdirection
are intended to direct the course our river’s flow.
The average person can barely keep their head above water,
let alone worry about where the river is taking them.

Our leaders promise that their direction will make
the waters smooth, slow, and wide again.
But, few remember what that was like,
and most have become accustomed to the murky water
and constant confusion.

It takes emotional strength to resist the rapid flow of our river,
but to become a rock is to sacrifice everything.
It takes emotional courage to remain calm amid the turbulent chaos,
but courage without direction is a wasted effort.
It takes emotional maturity to control the direction of our own flow,
despite all the taunts and abuse from those going by us…
But, it takes emotional humility to know that we should always remain
an active part of this river.

It is better to be a drop of calm,
moving independently,
in an ocean of chaos,
than to be a single drop of water alone in a desert.

Because it is how we engage our environment that defines us.