How I Rank People

  1. Emotionally sensitive, mature, and civilized.
  2. Emotionally sensitive, mature, and uncivilized.
  3. Emotionally insensitive, mature, and civilized.
  4. Emotionally insensitive, mature, and uncivilized.
  5. Emotionally sensitive, immature, and civilized.
  6. Emotionally sensitive, immature, and uncivilized.
  7. Emotionally insensitive, immature, and uncivilized.
  8. Emotionally insensitive, immature, and civilized.


Emotional Sensitivity is the awareness of our ability to feel other people’s emotions. Not just the logical idea of empathy, but the actual sensing their emotional energy. Awareness is the operative term, as my experience is that even sociopaths can feel another persons emotions. They are simply not aware that they are reactively using that information to gain an edge on their victims.

Maturity is the ability to accept personal failure, disappointment, and even suffering as necessary for the better of the community.

Civility is the display of conditioned behaviors designed to respect other individuals.

Picture: “Looking Through the Crowd” 2013, by Rob Pointon