Many who say they beleive in evolution, do not understand the basic concepts.

Conflict is the engine that drives evolution. In human terms, conflict arises between the people who want change and the people who do not want change. Or, between two peoples who want two different types of change. These changes can be selfish or selfless, and those who resist the changes can be either selfish or selfless. It all depends on the specific situation. Conflict is not a religious thing, or a captialism thing, or anything other than the simple result that comes with the pursuit of change, or the resistence to change.

These changes always involve a desired resource and how it is allocated. The people who want more of a resource pursue change, while the people who don’t want to let go of their resource, will resist. To pursue change blindly is ignorant destruction. To resist change blindly is utter folly.

Here on Earth, in evolutionary terms, the environment is king. Change that the environment demands is necessary change. Everything else is not necessary. Unecessary change is not always bad, but should be pursued with caution and respect to the environment. Which is a good use of the Scientific Method. Currently, in the big picture, the scientific method is not being used properly. It is too often being used for the self glory of people in their efforts to gain fame or profit. Science for the sake of science is blind change. Blind change for profit is evil. Alternately, too many use religion as an excuse to blindly resist change. Resisting unecessary change is not always wrong, but to blindly resist invites conflict and destruction without repect to the environment. Higher understanding is to know that all people are a part of our environment. To respect our enviornment, we must respect all of its people.

Sustainability is how we show respect to the environment. Achieving sustainability requires that we see ourselves as part of the environment. To see ourselves as part of the environment requires an understanding of fractals. Sustainability must exist on all level of individuality. From the single person, to an entire nation, and the entire world.

To achieve this balance we must bury the hatchet between science and religion and know that the only people who suppoort and continue the argument, are people who gain personally from the conflict. Using conflict to pursue change that is to their benefit alone. Their gain is selfish, and hurts the sustainability of our society and environment.
The cornerstone similarity between evolution and religion, the bridge, is who is in control. With religion it is God who has ultimte control, with evolution it is nature. For most of us though, it is both. Either way, the similarity is that humans are not in control.

There is no valid perspective, no valid understanding, where humans are in control of evolution. It is simply not how evolution works. No matter how many Ph.D’s a person might have, no matter how many TED talks a person might have done, humans cannot control evolution. Even genetic engineering does not control evolution. Manipulating genes is only a fancy trick we have developed during the feast; a tool to use and play with while we have the luxury of good times and plenty. Eventually, as always, a famine will come and God and/or nature will decide which of those tools and tricks have value.

Feast and famine is the largest hand on evolutions clock.