The Last Straw

Well, this is it. I have finally snapped. I read this article on how the Information Age is over and the Experience Age is just beginning. In fact, that is the title; “The Information Age is over; welcome to the Experience Age.” Which led me to believe, like any logical person would assume, that it was about how the limitations of computers and the internet was becoming more apparent, and people will be putting down their devices in order to go out and do things and engage people in person. However, not too far into the piece I discovered how wrong I was.

It turned out to be just an advertisement for different computer apps. The argument is that sharing videos of what we are doing instead of just pictures somehow makes it more intrinsic. This is what made me snap. Everything has been corrupted by politics and marketing. They take snippets of real concepts and bend them to sell their products and perspectives. It has been happening for centuries with religions; unscrupulous people mining pieces of the holy texts to purposely misuse them to serve their needs. More recently we see people doing the same thing with science and philosophy. They will sell their product using concepts of scientific theory and philosophy incorrectly. This is why I say that politics has become the opiate of the masses. It was religion back in the time when religion was the only language of politics. Now, however, we can clearly see that everything has become fair game for the politicians and the marketers. Religion is only one of their tools.

On a side note; I wonder how long this virtual reality stuff is going to be allowed to progress before people realized that it is bad for their eyes. I remember being hounded as a child for sitting too close to the television because it was bad for my eyes. I am thinking that attaching the TV to my face would be worse.

So, as a result, I decided that I need to make a greater effort to keep things balanced and moving forward. Fight the crazies who would corrupt actual knowledge for their own personal gains. (Interesting that this would come so shortly after the choice to try to blog daily again.)