Fire Conspiracy Dream

Here is a crazy dream I had out of the blue last night.

I was one of three guys, the middle one, as one was tall and dark haired while the other was short and blonde. The tall one was a bit dim, slow, but sweet, and the small one was smart, quick, but nasty.  The three of us (and at this point I am fairly certain that I was only a ghost witness) were in an apartment building going through a woman’s apartment and we started a fire by throwing some sort of liquid on the power outlet. It wasn’t just water, some sort of chemical the big guy had that was able to better allow the electricity out of the socket and start the rug on fire. It was actually the little guy doing everything. The big guy was passively directing things by being slow to do them, then the small guy would become impatient with the big guy and take over. After the fire was started we descretely walked away from the building like three derelict teenagers pretending to be innocent. There was a scene where we were talking to some people and trying to ignore the smoke plume until they saw it first, and then we acted surprised.

For some reason I hung around the building after it was all put out. There was a deck hockey game that sprouted up from the firefighters there and I played, but it wasn’t really fair. I was clearly better than they were, and I don’t think they could see me. I am pretty sure they were just watching the puck do crazy things on its own in amazement.

Anyway, I lingered around while the main investigator did his thing. One of his underlings doing the grunt work of the investigation was the little smart guy who with us starting the fire. He was in the crawl space under the building and I went to watch him try to answer questions in a way that directed the main guy from what really happened. (The big guy had disappeared.) He was not asking me, but I was trying to control the situation like trying to will an actor in a movie to do something. Another investigator found 300 pounds of solder that came through the floor. Nothing was said out loud, but the little guy was clearly paranoid, and the lead investigation guy had away about him that said he knew the score, he was just trying to get the evidence. Then, there was a conversation where the little guy answered a question too quickly. Once he regained his composure he realized that he answered the question right, but his confusion and demeanor had given him away. So, we took off behind the building to a river bank and just walked. All along the river bank were pieces of garbage that represented his regrets of his life. There was a baby buggy all rusted and half sunk in the muck and he saw it and pulled a note from its pocket. We read the note. I do not remember it specifically, but it was a goodbye note of his to a girlfriend or wife from his past.

At a bend in the river there were little fires burning on the forest floor. We crossed a river on a log and in his depression, he laid down on a fire and I got on top of him to hold him down. There was nothing to it, he didn’t move at all. It was not so dramatic, he simply turned into ash like a movie vampire exposed in the sun. I stood up to watch the last of him turn to ash and I saw the lead investigator watching from a little ways away. He was happy and said to me that it worked out just as they had planned. He was looking right at me. Then he turned and walked away. I became worried that they would be after me, but then remembered that I was a shapeshifting ghost and let it go.

The last scene was in a big office building. Two guys were going into an elevator planning their next setup. The lead investigator and the big dim guy. I saw a security garud there and took his form and went into the elevator with them.