Robots and A.I.

Strange things are afoot in the world today. For me at least. It is one those days where I find it impossible to focus. I have no idea why, but there it is. These days always seem to send my thoughts in a particular direction. Let us see if I can purge it all out.

In my dreams, I choose to see water as emotional energy. The one thing in this universe that is more powerful then knowledge… it is emotions. They make our heads all fuzzy even if we have no idea where the energy is coming from. I had read an article not too long ago, about how some scientists were researching if there was a connection between the Sun acting crazy, sending out more energy, and the periods of socio-political unrest that occurred in our history. The idea is that our brain, which functions on electro-chemical reactions and interactions, is being affected by the electro-magnetic energy coming off of the Sun. So, not only does it seem that the weather is far more impacted by the sun, making the weather do strange things in times of social and political unrest, but also the human brain starts acting funny too.

From here, I start thinking of such things as Noah and the flood, or Moses and the Red Sea. Where there story is a metaphor of actual history because people did not know how to explain it at the time. Noah built and ark to survive a flood of electro-magnetic energy coming off of the sun. The Ark may have been an actual physical thing, but also a structures of rituals that his family followed to ensure that their muddled brains didn’t get too far from center. Moses did the same thing. He even built a fence to keep the crazies away when the pillar of fire spoke in a voice that drove them all nuts. Was the voice audible? Or emotional? God is love after all. Which leads me to the notion that the Ten Commandments are just rules for communicating in emotional energy. And we have been simply learning a new language over the past few thousand years.

Then, if this all were true, what would our modern day Noah and Moses do today if the Sun was about to flood us with mind numbing energy? (Is this why people are behaving so loony these days?) Well, it seems that drugs are very popular now. Caffeine to pick us up in the morning, and booze to calm us in the evening. Not to mention all the other pharmaceuticals out there. Would the modern day Moses be a druggist? A psychologist who has no problem prescribing tons of drugs to keep people from acting out on there feelings… which were being magnified by the energy coming off of the Sun. But, what affect would that have on people after the flood passed? If drugs were our modern day Ark, then how would people behave when the Sun calmed back down again?

Most likely, there would be fanatics who would insist that everyone should be loaded up on drugs all the time. Managing every mood and feeling with outside assistance. The new religion would have people praying five times a day at the bathroom medicine closet. We would probably lose all hope of being able to communicate with God then. Or, even to learn how to use emotional energy to communicate with each other. We would force ourselves to live in the world with a completely material perspective.

I guess people fears would turn out to be true after all, robots and artificial intelligence would take over and destroy us. Only, it wouldn’t be metal and computer robots and artificial intelligence… it would be human robots and artificial intelligence.

I told you my head was all out of whack.

Enjoy the day!!