Weekend Observations

Forgive me while I vent out a little energy that got stored up from over the weekend. I am not entirely certain where all the energy came from, but now that I have it… it is my responsibility to release it safely and properly.

So, yesterday I had the fun experience of going to a sporting event in a small arena. I am not one to go to such things regularly. I enjoyed playing sports as a kid; watching them is less interesting to me. I enjoy the family part, but the rest is best left to watching on the TV.

Anyway, the point of bringing this up was that by the end of this event I realized that I felt how adults must have felt almost a century ago with the introduction of the car and airplane. They cursed at how fast and loud the world was getting, and that no one took the time to relax and enjoy a peaceful quiet stillness. With me, it is not how fast things move… I am used to that. With me it is how loud the world is getting. I have good hearing, and it has never been too sensitive, but everything has become too loud. Like ‘being tortured’ kind of loud. It makes me wonder if the conspiracy people are right that Big Brother is trying to break the human will by subtly torturing people at sporting events, airports, and casinos. Yeah, I know that is crazy. Truthfully, it is most likely the fact that the people in charge are young and have crappy hearing because everything has been so loud with them from an early age. the deafening volume is just normal to them.

Another thing from this weekend, and to further ensure that people see me as a grumpy old man (all of 45 years!!), is that I have decided that too much travel causes cancer. When I was younger, I traveled allot. Lived on the road for a bunch of years. Now, not so much. In fact, I am not a fan of travel at all anymore. It is stressful in itself(cancer causing), and it is hard to eat anything but garbage consistently (also cancer causing), which compounds the stress. Don’t believe me? Just constantly change the diet of your pets for a while and see how they deal with it.

Lastly, I read a story about a town in Germany that put signal lights in the sidewalk to keep people who were walking and texting from going out into traffic. I am just stunned stupid with this one. It is true that war is a waste of money and resources. But, so is this. My solution… pay the people who can’t find jobs to stand on the sidewalk and smack people in the back of the head if they are not watching where they are going.

Well, that is all. I feel better now. Thank you for your time and attention.

Enjoy the day!!