Dreams Are Taking Over

It seems the dreams are taking over. At least for a little while. This was one of the peculiar dreams I had last night.

I was sitting a young woman in a park that overlooked a huge bridge, like in San Francisco, but not San Francisco. She was telling me how her brother had come up with a great idea, a very complex mathematical thing, but someone was faster at publishing it and more accurate at expressing it. In the dream, I knew that this was how the game was played, as it was evolution. The information came from somewhere, aliens in space or God or both, and then it was an issue of who is the must well adapted to sharing that information. It was a very complex game because the person had to be able to receive the data clearly enough, have the brain type and education to understand it, and the ability to organize and communicate it effectively relative to their social environment. I told the young woman not to worry, because there were many others. And that she should encourage her brother because he is more experienced now and he might be better at the next thing to come in.

Then, I found myself on an old rickety train in eastern Russia, heading into the snow and cold. I was part of a team who was trying to find all the people who could receive the data from space, even if they couldn’t understand it or process it. So, we spent allot of time trying to interpret art and other forms of expression to see if there were clues that the people who made it were influenced by this information. We were on our way into a war zone because there was someone there that showed signs. We found the guy in a bombed out apartment building and we set up the test right there.

The dream ended with me getting a break form the stress, sitting comfortably in the snow on a hill overlooking the little city that was being destroyed by war. And the waking thought, the thought that followed me up into consciousness, was if astro-physicists could develop the imaginary idea of dark matter and dark energy to better understand how things work in the universe, why can’t head-shrinks do the same with emotional or spiritual energy, actual energy that we cannot detect yet, to better understand human behavior?