Dream Buildings and Behavior

I had a whole bunch of dreams last night. Five that I remember. All dealing with buildings in one way or another. In my dreams, I choose to see buildings as representing ‘behavior structures.’ Not just a single behavior or trait, but the whole structure of a person’s behavior. For example, a broken down shack of a house would represent a person whose overall behavior had no logic to it; no continuity or purpose. Whereas an institutional building, like college classrooms or such, would represent someone whose collective behaviors were very organized and predictable, comforting music, like someone who was very devout in religious practice. (I use the word practice and not belief because, from my perspective, beliefs have no value unless they affect behavior. An important distinction in this modern world of ours.)

Last night, I had a series of dreams that played together like some sort of parable. There was even a segment where I was tearing apart an old house I was living in with friends. Not intentionally at first, but it was an old dilapidated house that we lived in and I started to incidentally notice weaknesses, then accidentally knocked walls and ceilings down, and then intensionally pulled them down until everyone who lived there knew we had to leave. At which point, we all mostly went our separate ways. A friend and I got into my car and drove away… to the next adventure.

Prior to that dream, however, I had a dream that is far more prominent in my memory. It was about me racing to get a space in an academic building of sorts. There were only men in the building and the halls were crowded with guys trying to find a classroom or something. Once I found a space in the classroom I started to think about sleeping arrangements and then found that each classroom had a dorm room attached, but you had to pay for it. I racked my brain for how I would pay for it because I did not want to commute. But, then I asked a guy who worked there and he told me the beds were only twelve dollars a night. I reserved one for myself and felt much better.

The thing about this dream that stands out to me is that it invokes thoughts about our economy and social problems that are prevalent today. I know, like many of you out there I am sure, many people who have been laid off and cannot find work. (Other than at a Walmart or Starbucks or something.) In my world they are mostly men. Fortunately, their wives are still working, but then there is the argument about the man not doing enough to find work; that they are just sitting around watching TV or something.

It is my view that one of the main reasons we are in the mess we are in, is because we put way too much focus on money. Everyone went out to work for money, and no one went out to work for other reasons. Social structure is one of those other reasons, something that needs to be maintained and reinforced. It doesn’t simply emerge naturally… unless you wish to live like an ape or a dog. If you wish to live in a world where theft, rape, and murder are natural, the strongest get what they want and weak don’t get a thing, and it all must be endured or survived, then by all means simply allow the social structure to build itself in what ever way it wants to. Civilized life requires more commitment and self sacrifice.

Consider a pet dog or cat. These pets do not behave the same when they are a part of our family as they do when they are living out feral among other cats and dogs. Pets respond to the structure given to them to live in. People are much the same. From my perspective, most people like to have a structure already made for them to come into that makes them feel welcome and secure. (Then they fight for dominance within that structure.) That is why so many people prefer to work for a company than to work for themselves. Being self employed requires a crap load of discipline and stress, as there is never an ounce of security.

Historically, men went out to work for money and women stayed home and did the house work, but also did the work of social structure. Mothers and wives were the ones who made the family go to church, boxed us in the ear if we lied or were undignified, gave us that look if our elbows were on the table or if we spoke out of turn. They also kicked us out of the house, making us find things to do that involved other kids in the neighborhood. Today, very few people work for social structure anymore… it is not money, so it has no value to our modern perspective. Or, actually, there are many people who believe they are working for social structure by protesting other people and blaming all the worlds evil on their identity (but not their behavior). That is not working for social structure. That is simply reflecting the chaos and claiming that it is different because of what they believe (not how they behave).

The thought in my head, spurned by these dreams, comes down to this: if a person’s behavior changes because of the beliefs or appearance of who they are speaking to, then they live in a very weak and dilapidated house and there is no value to their beliefs.

And, we don’t have to work for money in order to be productive.

Enjoy the day!!