Spirituality is the pursuit of awareness – broken down into Philosophy and Science.

Philosophy is the pursuit of context – broken down into Theology and Practical Theory.

Science is the pursuit of facts – broken down into Scientific Theory and Facts.

  • Theologies are not provable or applicable in the real world.
  • Practical Theories are not provable, but they are applicable.
  • Scientific Theories are provable and applicable, but have not been proven yet.
  • Facts are facts.

Every person has a Theology whether they know it or not, willing to admit it or not, or if it includes God or not. The purpose of a Theology is to contain and guide our imaginations. If a theology is too rigid, then people will not adapt; too loose and they will be unfocused and ineffective. Also, a healthy and sound theology must be in alignment with a people’s current perception of self – otherwise bad things happen.

Context is the fabric of our understanding. Like space/time is to matter, context is the glue that holds our awareness together.

Facts are like bricks, and philosophy is like mortar. By themselves we can only build simple structures, but together we can build large and magnificent structures.