• Spirituality is the pursuit of awareness, comprised of Philosophy and Science.
    • Philosophy is the pursuit of context, comprised of:
      • Grand Theory – theories that are not provable or applicable in the real world.
      • Practical Theory – theories that are not provable, but are applicable.
    • Science is the pursuit of facts, comprised of:
      • Scientific Theory – theories that are provable, just not yet.
      • Facts – facts.

Philosophy & Science, vs. Ideology

  • Philosophy is the pursuit of context.
    • Context is the fabric of our understanding. Like space/time is to matter, context is the glue that holds our awareness together.
  • Science is the pursuit of facts.
    • Facts are like bricks, and context is like mortar. By themselves we can only build simple structures, but together we can build large and magnificent edifices.
  • Ideology is a structure that serves the individual, not the community.

Theology, Religion, and Faith

Theology is a Grand Theory that includes a higher consciousness or power, and is usually attached to a religion.

Religion is a Practical Theory, an intricate formula of rites, rituals, and norms that enable people to build and maintain a complex society.

Faith is placing trust in someone or something without knowing what the outcome will be. Practicing a religion requires faith in the higher power described in the religions theology. Safely driving a car requires faith in the other drivers on the road following the same rules.