Consciousness is the awareness of the mind processing information as it is happening.

The subconscious is the mind processing information without our awareness.

Both, the conscious mind and subconscious mind, are capable of making mistakes.

The Brain and the Mind are not the same thing. The brain is an organ within the body. The mind includes the brain, but extends out to include all the things that trigger reactions in the brain, as well as all the points along the string of cause and effect that come before those triggers; all the way back to the Prime Cause. Thus, the mind is everything. Some call the mind God.

The processing of information never begins or ends in the brain. Information comes in through our senses and then extends out through our actions. When humans communicate, they are extending their consciousness to include more than just their own awareness. When asteroids collide, information is being processed without our awareness.

Thus, there are no boundaries to the potential of consciousness.