Theology is the glue that holds our perception together.

In the physical world we tend to create barriers that keep us safe and contained so we do not over extend ourselves. We build walls, we define areas, and we create rules.

Theology does the same thing within our imagination.

A sound theology will build on our memories and sense of history and focus our imagination in a direction we wish to go.

Having no theology is having no constraints on the imagination. Not many people can function that way. Even those who claim to be atheists, whether they are aware of it or not, have a theology that keeps their imagination contained enough to be a part of a social structure.

A theology can never be proven scientifically, because it does not exist in the physical world.

A theology is our view of ourselves outside of the physical world. Some believe we have an actually identity, and some believe there is only logic, or the idea of logic.

A theology is very personal and unique to each individual, because all theology begins with how we view our own consciousness.