Purpose and Good & Evil

The goal of life is to learn to develop and maintain our own consciousness. This process requires the practice and experience of individuality.

Individuality, and not Independence.

It is through Independence that we can learn Individuality, if that is needed, but Independence must never be the goal.

It is the practice and experience of Individuality without Independence that is most valuable in pursuing the goal of developing and maintaining our own consciousness.

Good and Evil are not the same as Right and Wrong. Good and Evil are about who makes the choice. Right and Wrong are about whether or not the choice was right or wrong.

A good person makes their own choices, and allows others to make their own choices. An Evil person will make choices for others, and/or manipulate people to make choices for them.

Sometimes Evil is necessary. When we become parents we must be Evil and make all of the choices for the new baby. Hopefully, however, over the next eighteen years we slowly learn our way to being Good by teaching the child to be Good as well. If we can do this without reacting into “Independence”, then we will have successfully evolved our consciousness to a higher level.

There are more levels of consciousness than the Human mind can comprehend. On this Earth we can only ever experience a few of the most basic levels.