Passion and Enlightenment

When we honestly and sincerely pursue our passion, we enable ourselves to learn and grow at our optimal rate. Although, sometimes this learning and growth is through negative discovery.

Passion is a drive of the senses. Every person’s passion is driven by one sense or another.

We have five base, or animal, senses and three higher senses.

The five base senses are touch, sight, hearing, taste, and smell.

The three higher senses are emotion, reason, and consciousness.

Consciousness is a sense. And, just like any other sense, it can be strong enough to overpower reason. When this happens it is called enlightenment.

Many experience enlightenment, but few are aware of it, fewer still understand it, and only a couple can take advantage of it.

Everyone who experiences enlightenment will try to share and explain the experience from their own perspective and understanding. Most are not prepared to do this.

No one has ever, nor ever will, achieve enlightenment by their own efforts alone. No matter how hard a person might train their ears, no matter how skilled they become at discerning different sounds, if there is no sound they cannot hear.

Some are more genetically predisposed to experience higher consciousness, no different from how some people are genetically predisposed to contract certain types of cancer. However, being genetically predisposed does not guarantee anything. Many generations of primates came and went before their prophet showed them how to use their opposable thumbs more effectively.

Few have been able to prepare themselves (with some help) for a wave of consciousness just before it arrived.