The Four Labors of Life

  1. Physical labor – regular old manual work.
  2. Intellectual labor – manual work in the brain.
  3. Emotional labor – the work of building, maintaining, and breaking-up relationships.
  4. Spiritual labor – the work of getting to know our Self.

The Nature of Labor

At any given moment, every person is engaged in at least one form of labor; whether they are aware of it or not.

Each labor makes the previous ones easier. For example, intellectual labor makes physical labor easier, and emotional labor – building a team or community – makes intellectual and physical labor easier.

However, it is all a double edged sword. Someone might use emotional labor to break-up another’s relationships, or physical labor to destroy another’s property (aka, war).

The Psychology of Labor

When we are young it is easy to sustain ourselves on the manual labors alone; physical and intellectual. But, as we get older, if we do not perform emotional and spiritual labor, our labor first becomes our prison then our destruction.

  • Every person has one labor that is their strength.
  • A healthy person can do all four labors when necessary.
  • A conscious person can choose which labor is best the moment.

The Labor Ecosystem

A healthy and evolving civilization requires all four forms of labor, equal and integrated in application.

Civilization crumbles when people look to only one form of labor, when corporations and governments look to only one form of labor, to solve all problems.