Consciousness (A Theological Perspective)

Mathematicians tell us that there could be at least eleven more dimensions that we are not aware of beyond the four (length, width, height, time) that we call Space and Time.

In at least one of these dimensions, that we are not aware of yet, there is an energy that flows through the universe like light goes through Space and Time.

That energy is capable of supporting consciousness in the same way that the Earth’s oceans are capable of supporting life.

Life is a manifestation of the flow of this energy. It is not miraculous, it does not create life in the blink of an eye (from our perspective here in Space and Time). Like wind forming waves in the oceans and deserts, the flow of this energy causes spirals in the matter of Space and Time that can slowly and subtly form and influence life.

A barren planet is unaffected by the flow of this energy.

Our brains have evolved to receive this energy, step by step, like our eyes have evolved to receive light.

The more our brains evolve into consciousness, the more we are aware of our brains processes.

The more we are aware of our brains processes, the more we can help this evolution with practice and awareness.