The 5 Options

In the interest of survival, all life must pursue balance within its environment. When the balance becomes skewed there are five options available:

  1. Do Nothing: Doing Nothing is when an individual accepts the judgment of Chance or someone else’s will (which, from their perspective, is also Chance).
  2. Migrate (Flight): Migration is when an individual relocates to an environment that it can find balance with.
  3. Compete (Fight): To Fight is to accept the judgment of competition with other individuals in the environment. [During a Fight, the Fight becomes its own environment, within which all options can be used to achieve victory… a micro environment, if you will.]
  4. Adapt: Adaptation is changing our individuality to better fit a changing environment.
  5. Create: Creation is changing our environment to better suit our individuality.

If an individual does not find balance within its environment it will die.