There are many different types of energies flowing within the universe. Energies such as heat, light, gravity, water, and calories; and even emotional and/or spiritual energy is possible.

  • The universe is an ecosystem.
  • Evolution is perceived as the change in individuality over time.
  • Individuality is a physical expression of a place/niche in an ecosystem.
  • Thus, evolution is the change in the flow of energy through an ecosystem over time.

Evolution occurs with each form of energy individually. And, the evolution in each individual form of energy influences the evolution of all the other energies. The universe is completely integrated.

The change we see in individuality over time is only an expression of the change in the flow of energy over time.

It is impossible for an individual to control a flow of energy. However, it is possible for an individual to manage a flow of energy.

Everything in this universe evolves. Even the process by which everything evolves, must evolve.