Competition is very specifically defined event:

  • A tree growing next to a rock is not competing with the rock. It is simply growing the best it can in the environment it is in.
  • Two trees growing next to one another are not competing. They each are simply growing the best they can in their specific environments.
  • One tree might be better suited to the environment than the other, one tree will most likely be in a better micro-environment than the other, but one tree cannot be more competitive than the other.
  • Two monkeys trying to get the exact same banana are competing.
  • A home owner who had been suckered by a predatory lender because they could not read or understand the legal language of the contract did not lose a competition, they simply were poorly suited to the environment.

Humans are not the only species capable of making a choice, but humans are the only species who can be conscious of the ability.