There are instant choices and sustained choices. Most of what we might think to be an instant choice, selecting something from a menu at a restaurant, are just reactions. Reactions are not choices.

Sustained choices take a constant effort. A recovering alcoholic must sustain the choice to remain sober. For them, having a drink is a reaction and not a choice. Similarly, marriage is a sustained choice. Divorce is not the result of a couple’s choice to end their marriage, but the inevitable result of ending the sustained choice to work together; ending the sustained choice of working together occurs long before the reaction of divorce.

Temptation is a reactive pressure against a sustained choice.

Faith is maintaining a sustained choice even though we have no idea of the actual outcome.

One individual’s Choice can be another individual’s Chance.

One person’s sustained Choice could create a Suitable environment for other individual’s to flourish, like the children of a healthy marriage.

Civilization requires individuals to maintain sustained choices to direct the shared labor of problem solving.