The Legislative Branch

Currently, in the American House of Congress, there is no difference in the personality, character, and intent between members in the House of Representatives and members in the Senate. This is because both are elected into office by the same process and rules. Making the distinction between the two bodies negligible, and the process moot. Sixty percent in one, will most likely be sixty percent in the other.

In my perfect world, being elected to serve in the House of Representatives would be by the same process and rules that we are aware of today, except for one added rule; to be elected into office they must have been Active Voters for at least ten years. With Senators, however, it would be different.

  • Each state would send two Senators to serve in the Federal Senate – one every three years so they each serve a six-year term.
  • These Senators would not be from the general public, and they would not be selected by an open election. They would be Tenured Full Professors found in their education system, selected by their peers; full and associate professors.
  • One Senator must be from the Hard Sciences, while the other must be from the Humanities.
  • They would not have a choice to run or not. If they were nominated by their peers they would need to give a good reason that they couldn’t serve in order for them to remove their name from the ballot.
  • On the State level, the concept would remain the same, except it would automatically include Associate Professors. And in the counties that do not have enough colleges, or any colleges at all, it would include all certified teachers, working backwards from the college level, until there were enough members in the selection pool. For example, a county with only a community college, they would include all High School teachers, as well.
  • Senators can only serve one term at each level; State and Federal.
  • Any person who eligible to become a Senator, cannot run for any other office.

This structure would bring a different type of person into legislative process, as well as a better way towards ensuring science and humanity are included in the system.