The Executive Branch

Presidential politics is destroying this country, as it would destroy any country. Thus, in my perfect world:

  • The President would be a sitting Governor, who has served at least two terms, selected by a popular vote of all the Governors and Lieutenant Governors.
  • The Vice President would be selected similarly, but from the pool of Lieutenant Governors of at least two terms.
  • Each office would have its own absolute authority.
    • The President would be the authority of Trade, Commodities, and International Relationships.
    • The Vice President would be the authority of Environment, Health, and Human Resources and Service.
  • Both, the Presidency and Vice Presidency, would serve for ten years.
    • If something should happen to the President, or Vice President to where they could not serve, the next lower office would stand in until the Governors could select a replacement.
    • There would be a time limit on how long that could take. Something like a week.
    • Each office is separate and individual. The ten-year term would begin when each individual takes office, not limited to a specific year pattern, nor required to end and start at the same time.
  • The President and Vice President can be the same gender, only if the planned election of the other office is less than four years away.
  • Presidents and Vice Presidents can only serve one term, and cannot serve in the other office.

At the State level things are pretty much same, except:

  • Governors and Lieutenant Governors are elected by the general public separately, but at the same time.
  • To be elected as Governor, or Lieutenant Governor, a person must be an Active Voter for at least ten years.
  • They only serve a four-year term in office.
  • They cannot be the same gender.
  • The Governor is responsible for Trade, Commodities, and Interstate Relations.
  • The Lieutenant Governor is responsible for Environment, Health, and Human Resources and Services.