**In this work, the Governance and Economics sections are merged as there really is no separation of these two concepts in the real world. A fatal mistake for all societies, is to act as though a government should manage an economy from a third person perspective; or stay out of meddling with an economy. Neither are possible as both Government and economics are completely intertwined and depend entirely on the sense of continuity and the confidence of the people.**

Freedom is the right of every individual and community to adapt to their ever-changing environment.

Government is how people manage the overlapping and interacting nature of different individuals and communities trying to adapt to their own environments, from their own perspectives.

Politics is the art and science of gaining influence.

Governance is the applied Practical Theory of making choices.

Management is the applied Scientific Theory of getting things done.

  • Lying is a Political Strategy. As in, I get what I want by lying.
  • Democracy is a Governing Theory. As in, democracy is how we make choices.
  • Chaos is a Management Theory. As in, nothing gets done because everything is in Chaos.