Metric Time

** Based on the Metric Circle.

The basic unit of time measurement is the “Rot”. (Pronounced “Rote”, and short for “rotation”)

  • 1 Rot = 1 Day. (In time, the word “day” would only mean the opposite of “night”, or used in the names of the calendar.)
  • There are 10 deci-rots per Rotation; 5 AM and 5 PM.
  • There are 100 centi-rots per Rotation.
  • There are 1000 milli-rots per Rotation.
  • 4 days could also be expressed as 4 Rots.
  • 10 Rots could also be called a Deca-Rot.

In the end, people would not need to say the word “rot”, they would only need to use the prefix: “I will see you in 2 centis.” Or, “I will meet you at the pub tonight at 750.”